Nice To Meet You!

Junk Away is a family owned and operated business that started on Florida's Emerald Coast in 2008. Jim and Carleton--a father-son team--came up with the concept years before when Carleton was in high school. Where could we find someone to haul away unused and unneeded stuff? Where do you take that old grill that is burnt out? What about those old mattresses? And, above all, the old hot tub sitting in the backyard that hasn't been used in years? Thus, Junk Away was born.

We started out doing odds and ends jobs a couple days a week. Jim was working full-time in banking and finance and Carleton, had moved to Pensacola to pursue a degree in Fine Arts. As time progressed, however, we realized that there were so many people just like us who needed help removing unwanted and unneeded items from their homes/businesses. So, Junk Away became a full-time operation. Jim handles the operations and scheduling. Marcia, the mom, retired from the school system so that she could oversee accounting. Lindsay, the daughter, works on web design and social media; and Bob, the grandpa, is an advisor and consultant.

We are blessed beyond belief that what was once a small idea has turned into a business that has helped so many people. Thank you to our family, friends, and customers for supporting us and for making us love going to work every single day!